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QUESTION: Who is Xposure Artisan?

ANSWER:  Hi, my name is Hillie Galarza and I am a creative fotographer under the brand “Xposure Artisan.” I create art with the help of models, cos-players, various props and use Photoshop to create pieces.

QUESTION:    I’m interested in volunteering  to be a model for a Project. How can I make that happen?

ANSWER:  Xposure Artisan searches for persons who may be interested in being part of an Xposure Artisan piece. No modeling experience is necessary, however, the willingness be in front of my camera, follow directions and being part of a Casting Process is.

QUESTION: What does the Casting Process Involve?

ANSWER:  Xposure Artisan's  “Casting Process” is designed to create a more cohesive fit for the project and is fairly simple.

Here are the requirements:

1.   CLICK HERE To contact me with your interest in being part of a future project

2.   I will contact you with the following Model Package to fill out:

a.   Casting Call Information Form & Head Shot Specs

Please DO NOT send any nude fotos as they are not appropriate for the Xposure Artisan and will NOT be considered.

b.   Model Release Form

c.   Non-Disclosure Agreement

3.  Residency Restrictions Apply: Xposure Artisan is located in Southern Westchester County, New York. Models are responsible for their own travel and lodging costs to and from Westchester County, NY.

QUESTION: Where will my Artisan Session take place?

ANSWER:  Artisan sessions can take place on an agreed location for the project or in my home studio loft located in Mamaroneck, NY

 QUESTION: What’s in it for the Model?

ANSWER:  An opportunity to build upon your existing portfolio with an experienced and award-winning fotographer as well as experience a creative foto shoot.  In addition, all models are given both “Low-Resolution” (for Social Media) and “High-Resolution” Images in a digital format with limited restrictions that include the following:

1.   When using the fotograph on Social Media, please use the “Low Res” file to minimize theft of the creative work

2. Please Credit Accordingly - Fotographer Credit - Xposure Artisan by Hillie Galarza or Tag Credit @xposureartisan

3.  Do not Alter the image or violate any Copyright Laws associated with the image.

 QUESTION: How long does it take to complete a project?

ANSWER: The average day of shooting is about 2 – 4 hours depending on the project. Post – production can take anywhere between 2 – 8 weeks depending on the additional elements that have to be shot and created as every aspect of the foto is made “by hand”.