Jane + Bake Light

Jane + Bake Light


Character, like a fotograph, develops in darkness.
— Yousef Karsh

To define an "Impression" may be a complex task due to its multiple meanings. To simply define it would be, "An idea, feeling or opinion about someone or something, often with little thought." or;

"A graphic or pictorial representation of someone or something."

The "Impressions" in the Xposure Artisan collection are defined by the later definition; "A graphic and pictorial representation of someone or something."  

May I add -- "with an abundance of thought."


Olympus Ideas

MODEL | Monica



MODEL | Miranda Anne

2K18 FIN Franee 9.jpg


Franee, a Type I Diabetic stands proudly with her Sensor and is an advocate for Diabetics + Women.

MODEL | Franee



Jane & the Bake Lite (Telephone)

2k17 Nate with Flowers LR.jpg

Stealing Props

He stole my props behind my back and became art.

Pelham Bay Park, NY

MODEL | Nate Ayala

XA 2k17 Liz In Your Eyes.JPG

In your Eyes


XA 2k17 Ludwig + Om.JPG

Ludwig & Om

MODEL | Ludwig

XA 2k17 Pensive Sights.jpg

Pensive Thoughts

MODEL | Sonique


Wall Street Journal Natalie

Inspired by the Peter Lindbergh portrait of Angela Jolie in the Wall Street Journal

MODEL | Natalie