Foto Hymns

Although I have been told on several occasions that I am a good writer and story teller, I don't think of myself as a writer in the "true sense of the art." I am, however, willing to try almost anything pertaining to art at least once. As I thought about that personal philosophy, I realized how much I enjoyed poetry.

Poetry is a wonderful and challenging opportunity to create a story, in a limited amount of words and, at the same time, create a picture of its existence. When I pondered that thought further, I decided that using creative fotography to further build the story was an integral part of my next challenge.

Like the words of a poem should be original to my personal thoughts, the same should hold true with the individual elements of any of my creations. As a result, fotographing, collecting, writing, coordinating each and every element is a time-consuming process.

With "Moon Gurl" as the first Foto Hymn to be published on XposureArtisan, the process of creating her took about a year. The elements such as the moon, for example were fotographed in 2k14 at a local park at dusk by the sea. I fotographed it with a Canon Sx50 which has a super zoom of 1200mm. If you take a close look at it, you can see craters within it.

Craters within the moon...

Craters within the moon...

The trees were fotographed at Mianus River Gorge from the ground up and there was a total of three different fotographs which make up the background of the foto. One of the roots of the trees is actually upside down on which the Moon Gurl stands upon.

The grunge background was digitally created with various brushes and spray patterns in different hues of blue that show through the forest to create a magical night in which the Moon Gurl begs the moon to take her away from her sadness without fear.

"Lo, I see you amongst the trees!", she wails in her sorrow.

"Come, take me, give me comfort, for I fear not 'morrow". 

The Moon Gurls fears and life resides within the cage she carries with her. As you can see the cage is empty. In the corner a fragile porcelain bird sits amongst the "moons blessings" in the lower left hand corner which is signified by the stars that rain upon them. 

"Stay", it comforts her,
"Your job is not done; for the blessing bestowed upon you has just begun."
"Let go of your caged fears, for they too will find paths, and the future of your true love will be found and last."

Her empty cage is the solution to letting go her fears and old life. Her fragile little bird is the beginning of a new life she has to care for; her own.

The "inked" version of the piece took several weeks to create. It was hand inked on paper and then re-scanned to a high-res digital image and color enhanced to obtain that virtual comic book feel.

I hope you enjoy this Foto Hymn because it "Sings from my Soul."

A good friend once blessed me with these words: 

"Art is for everybody." - Keith Haring